Academic Members

Members of the medical profession with recognized  degree in Medicine (with a registrable qualification in Western Medical Sciences as defined in the Indian Medical Degree Act, 1916, Clause 2, Act VII) and a sustained interest in the Cardiovascular system.

Any Certified Course in the medical field approved  by Gov of India.

Any Paramedical  specialties with a recognized  certificate approved by Govt of India.

Students pursuing medical course.

Academic membership fee: (non-refundable) Rs. 2000/- per annum

Advantage of Academic Members

  • Member will receive a Login ID with a password to access all EECP articles and publications online.
  • Invitation to attend the CME program and scientific conference conducted by the society.
  • Networking with EECP / counter pulsation providers and experts.
  • Immediate access to any publication on EECP/ECP worldwide.

Academic Member

₹ 2,000 (USD $30) per Annum

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