Vision & Mission

To advance scientific knowledge and to promote active research in the field of Non-Invasive Enhanced External Counter Pulsation / External counter pulsation treatment in the area of cardiovascular disease.

To hold highly educative scientific conferences annually across the globe to highlight the role of EECP treatment in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

To create an education module for Medical colleges and provide teaching materials to students.

To Identify the experts in the field who have contributed to the growth of EECP in the world. Honour them in an annual scientific conference.

To create a high-level expert committee with members who have high academic standing. This committee will present the EECP concept to Policymakers in the Government, Insurance companies, and the National guideline committees.

The executive committee will set up frequent patients awareness program in their respective countries, and the society will provide all the clinical materials.

The society will Conduct training courses for EECP treatment along with IEECPS and provide certification to eligible physicians and nurse practitioners. Already courses are available in India and the USA.

The Society with its International Leaders will assist in improving the quality of EECP / external counter pulsation centers.

The society will actively engage with local cardiology textbook writers and will contribute EECP chapters.

Society members who contribute by Publishing original review articles in peer-reviewed journals of good clinical standing will be honoured in their monthly news release.

Raise membership fee and industry sponsor to cover the clinical and social activity related to cardiovascular disease, which the management of the society may think it's necessary.

Actively engage in the research protocol and conduct research to improve the understanding of EECP treatment.

To start and professionally run model EECP treatment centers for patient treatment and training for physicians and clinical nurses. These centers will provide high-quality clinic services with nursing, and physician training and will also hold education classes for the public. The society Lifetime Academic members who are certified will be given the position to run the centers.

Society will Launch and offer it's currently developed online Patient Data management registry for all Lifetime Members. This portal will help all centers to contribute patient treatment record to the registry, and the executive members and honorary members will assist the center in publishing the data.

Publish EECP Medical equipment guidelines and equipment approval and safety to help the providers choose the right equipment. US FDA approval /CE mark other regulatory approval and credentials will be evaluated by the committee and will be reported, and the report will be provided to the members.

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