Enhanced External Counter pulsation (EECP) is a trademark of Vasomedical  Inc who contributed to the basic science and clinical practice guideline of counter pulsation, and External Counter Pulsation (ECP) is the generic term used for circulatory assist device first introduced by Drs. Harken, Birtwell, and Soroff.

Intra aortic balloon pump is a highly invasive procedure to assist the heart when it fails to support the circulatory system adequately. It leads researchers to borrow this concept and utilize this principle but makes it Non-Invasive. This non-Invasive counterpart of Intra aortic balloon, uses the balloon or pneumatic cuffs externally in the lower limb, to achieve the same effect of IABP.

The nomenclature used for this new device was Non-Invasive external counter pulsation. The device worked using rigid hydraulic outer case with single pant with a facility to fill with water in and out of the chamber around the lower limbs. In 1976 this hydraulic model was changed to pneumatic pressure cuffs model utilizing the sequential inflation of calf and lower thigh cuffs. The new system was called us Sequential external counter pulsation (SECP).

In 1983 the system efficacy was further improved by making adequate time delay between sequential inflation of the cuffs with the new introduction of upper thigh cuffs. Further enhancement was done on the valve system, and software, then the system was named as Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP), which is eventually approved by the US FDA. The system was then a registered trademark of Vasomedical Inc. They used the advanced system and done hundreds of publications to bring EECP or non-invasive counter pulsation concept to the cardiology segment and achieved in including that in cardiology guidelines.

Many other counter pulsation devices called them as ECP (External Counter pulsation) made their inroads seeing the opportunity in non-invasive cardiology. Innovative technology to grow, the manufacturers play a significant role in not only in enhancement in quality and design of the system but need to contribute to the growth of science by publishing scientific literature. All these players are claiming that their system has been perfected with an ergonomic design with superior pressure delivery and can provide the same results of the published trials with the EECP systems. However, what is lacking is the timing mechanism of the trigger in the counter pulsation systems and training to make the timing accurate while treating sick cardiac patients.

The concept of the correct application of other brands of External Counter pulsation (ECP) or Enhanced External Counter pulsation (EECP) systems not only from the system design but the quality of the treatment timing to inflate and deflate the cuffs, which was still not automated in any of the current counter pulsation treatment devices. So professional training is the need for the treatment providers.

The society with pioneers in the field with the experience from the time of inception of counter pulsation device in the market will assist quality advance training to the physicians and nurses handling the treatment and also will provide guidelines to the manufacturers regarding optimal timing in their software design to achieve high-quality, precise timed pressure delivery. We want together to achieve a global reach of EECP treatment.

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