Scientific Committee

The scientific committee will be constituted by the Director with other International members to decide on the future direction of EECP/ECP treatment.

Objective of the Committee
  • To design safe operating protocol for EECP /ECP treatment.
  • To help members design study protocol and to assist in clinical publications.
  • To avail expert opinion on patient management.
  • To update the members on the current status of EECP/ECP internationally.
  • To write a review article and textbook chapters for EECP/ECP treatment.
  • Conduct continuous education program on EECP/ECP patients selection and precautions.
Dr.Pradeep G Nair Chennai, India

Scientific Committee Director ICES

S.J.Shiek Fareeth Ahmed Chennai, India

Scientific Research Co-Ordinator ICES

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